Customs | Experience the genuine Iranian culture

Post Date: May 31, 2018

Customs | Experience the genuine Iranian culture

Experience the genuine Iranian culture

Hamedan, with its ancient history and civilization, has the diverse ethnicity and various cultures that have lived together during centuries. The culture and heritage of Hamadan is full of the richest literature and folklore, native games, traditional arts, food, medicine, native ritual, traditional trades, and so on. Of Traditional Arts District as well as pottery, woodwork and saddle equipment, Pearls weaving, crafts and art Mootabi and many other fields are mentioned. Of traditional arts, pottery, woodwork, saddlery, Morvar bafi, Mootabi and many other art and handcraft fields can be noted. Among other cultural capacities of Hamedan province are religious and traditional customs such as: Muharram ceremonies, needle divination, cooking techniques of traditional pastries, work songs, traditional games, Nowruz ritual ceremony, marriage, garment, music, lullabies, literature etc.

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