Shopping pleasure in Hamedan markets

Post Date: August 28, 2018

Shopping pleasure in Hamedan markets

Enjoy your best time with shopping in Hamedan markets and feel satisfied

Shopping and trading have a long history in Hamedan and the markets of the province have had a special position in the region. The existence of numerous historical markets in the province is the evidence. These includes the historical markets of Toyserkan (the oldest roofed market in the province), Malayer, Nahavand etc. Shopping in Hamedan markets is very diverse and attractive. If you have a tour in Hamedan markets you can do shopping in historical and also in modern environments and buy what you need in good quality and price. The gentle and fair shoppers of Hamedan are well known. In the markets of Hamedan you can see and buy souvenirs like (Angosht Pich, Komaj, Shirmal, walnuts, Baslogh, almonds, plum etc.) and handicrafts such as pottery, leather, Morvarbafi, wood carving artifacts etc. along with your everyday purchases. The most important commercial centers of Hamedan are The Historical Market, and the streets leading to Imam Square. You will definitely enjoy walking around markets of Hamedan. Experience this pleasure.

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