stone lion | Sturdy and standing in history

stone lion
Post Date: August 28, 2018

stone lion | Sturdy and standing in history

Sturdy and standing in history

One of the works left from the reign of the ancient kings of Iran in this part of the country, which is located in Hamedan city, is a Lion stone statue known as stone of lion. The present city of Hamadan has been the center of the kingdom of the Medes and the summer capital of the Achaemenids. Nevertheless, there are little remains since that time, and this statue is one of the most important ones. During the reign of Medes and Achaemenids, the construction of these sculptures was very important because they believed in spells, and they believed that this statue would have remove disasters and calamities from the city as Ibn-e-Faqih Hamedani (282 AH) wrote in Al Baldan’s about this lion: one of the wonders in Hamedan is a lion statue made of stone on the gate of the city. It’s said to be an amulet for the cold, and it is a work by Roman Bellinas master of spells. When Ghobad sent him to relieve the spell of the city’s pests, it is said they were stayed in the way cause of snow and cold, but as soon as this spell was presented as the lion, the cold went down and the work went up.

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