Enamels Training Courses

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    Project Description

    An artistic pug has been used for some five thousand years to decorate ornaments and dishes. This art is a combination of fire and soil that blends into the art of painting and creates beautiful roles. According to some experts, and in the pursuit of adapting Byzantine pearls to Iranian works, this art has been formed in Iran and then has gone to other countries.

    The art of pug in Iran has been manifested more than elsewhere, and one of its old examples is Safavid’s predecessor by Shardin, a French traveler who has an enamel piece of Isfahan’s works including a plan of birds and animals in the field of pale and pale flowers And green, yellow and red.

    The position of Iran in the art of the Enamels, as well as its transfer to other lands, is especially interesting, because from the oldest times and in all branches of art, Iran combines two possibilities, which are mutually supportive, but together they are scarcity It has shown itself to be contradictory: on the one hand, creative and undeniable genius, and on the other hand, the ability to attract cultural achievements of foreigners. Moreover, there is reason to believe that this art has been circulating in Iran for a long time.