Etching Training Courses

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    Project Description

    Handicrafts in Iran have a long history. The ancient civilization of this vast land of ancient times has been the creator of various handicrafts, each adapted to the needs of the day, and the customs and culture of the peoples of this country have grown and developed. This discipline has many applicants at any time and place in the domestic and foreign markets.

    The colors used in this art are entirely of natural colors, such as the black color made of walnut leather and tarpaulins, and the color of the field. The second color is red, which is made from white alum (white stone) and rhinos (a kind of plant), and boils it with copper to get red. The third color is the blue color of the apple and the sap of grapes and kitty, the fourth yellow of the skin of the meristemin and kittya, the green color of the pomegranate pepper, the lazuli, the grape juice and the kitty.