Educational Services

Our company is proud to offer the wide, full consultation and highest quality training to applicants who are willing to continue their studies at Finnish universities. Services offered to students by our company include:

1-Educational counseling and English language courses

  1. Consultation and conduct of all affairs for getting admission from prestigious universities, including the provision of required documents as well as administrative correspondence
  2. Conducting preparation courses for students to take part in international English examinations approved by all recognized universities, such as TOEFL, IELTS and PTE
  3. Providing professional consultation along with complete, accurate, and documented information by skilled consultants
  4. Providing applicants advice to select the appropriate field of study based on their educational and occupational background
  5. Evaluation, verification, and certification of all required qualifications for applicants by professional experts
  6. Coordination with the educational centers to provide accommodation for students
  7. Coordination for transferring students from the airport to the residence in the destination country at the first arrival
  8. Pre-departure Briefing before beginning of the educational courses

2- Short-term courses

These courses are provided for professionals who are willing to improve skills related to their occupations. A wide variety of short courses and job-shops – including Environmental and Safety issues, Quality Assurance Management, Business Management, Logistics and Supply Chain, Tourist Management, Hospitality Management, Hotel Management, and etc. –  are offered to international / Finnish /Nordic applicants.

3- Online courses

With nearly three million students currently attended in fully online programs and six million participating in at least one online course, online education has clearly become one of the most popular higher education alternatives. Online learning helps students overcome the high costs associated with the universities’ tuition fee and course shortages. Our company is delighted to let applicants attend the most prestigious Finnish universities through our online courses and enjoy various programs and courses.