Study in Finland

Are you looking for free education in one of the top European countries? Are you interested in studying in a safe and peaceful country like Finland? Are you willing to study at the best universities with the lowest cost and the highest levels of return?  Finland is a quiet, beautiful, and safe country in which you can continue to study at a low cost of education.

If you want to continue studying in Finland and have immigration conditions, do not hesitate to contact us. Hi Sun Oy will support you on the way to Finland and will open the door to this beautiful country.

Finland is located on the northern of Europe and is one of the Scandinavian countries. The weather is mountainous and, despite its cold weather, 80 per cent of the country is covered with beautiful forests. The official language of this country is Finnish and Swedish. In this country, all people with different ethnicities, religions, and attitudes are living peacefully.

It is worth noting that studying in this country depends on having an excellent academic background, including studying and graduating in prestigious universities and colleges, a high IELTS score, and published scientific papers in international journals.

Medical universities in Finland are one of the most reputable and most popular universities in the world, and after graduation, students can easily engage in all reputable medical centers around the world.

In addition to the low cost of study in Finland, the living condition in this country is also very cost effective. A person with a monthly income of 700-1000 euros can easily live and study in Finland.

Studying in Finland for doctoral and postgraduate studies is the same as for a bachelor’s degree, but for non-European students studying in Finland requires tuition fees (under certain conditions).

The language of study at Finnish international universities is English and students need to have an acceptable IELTS score (6.5, and for doctoral studies 7) for continuing to study in Finland. By establishing a Language Department, Hi Sun Oy will prepare all the students to meet the English language requirements.

Educational Programs

  1. Polytechnic Courses (AMK / YH), which leads to earning a Bachelor Certificate, takes four years and includes 140 to 160 credits. The number of units needed depends on the field of study, and at least 20 units are devoted to a period of scientific work experience. At the end of the course, the student will submit a thesis.


  1. Kandidaati /Kandidat (Bachelor’s degree), which encompasses three to four years of full-time education. This course is taught in the new Finnish educational system at universities, and includes at least 120 units for which students undergo basic and specialized courses. In the last year, students are required to submit a research project along with their dissertation.


  1. Maisteri (Master’s degree), which includes five to seven years of full-time education, followed by a high school diploma, encompasses at least 160 to 220 academic units and requires conducting scholarly research and thesis presentation.


  1. In Finland, granting Lisensiaatti/Licentiat degree may also require students to spend 30 units to graduate. This is a research-based course, and students are required to present a thesis. Most students take this course as a PhD course, which lasts two to three academic years.



  1. The entry requirement for a PhD degree in Finland is completion of a Maisteri/ Magister/ Master’s degree. The Doctorate program is also a research-based course and lasts four to five years.


Top Finnish Universities

Ranking is obtained from
University of Helsinki91
Aalto University133
University of Turku234
Tampere University of Technology319
University of Jyväskylä338
University of Eastern Finland382
University of Oulu411-420
Lappeenranta University of Technology471-480
Abo Akademi University501-550
University of Tampere501-550